First Lesson

I now see that my entries don’t follow in chronological order – No continuing a thought the next day.  Probably I would have noticed if I read more blogs. Can’t say the style makes me eager to explore them.  Guess I’m not into the minute enough.  Doesn’t make for a very good journal, which I suppose was what I was hoping for with this exercise.
There was an article in today’s (?) Wall Street Journal about cookbook blogs, people working their way through all the recipes in a particular book and reporting on the results.  There was a throwaway comment about somebody’s uncle who did the same thing in the 1970s and didn’t even have anybody to share it with.  As someone else who did it in the 1970s (Glamour’s After Five Cookbook, in my first apartment, with roommate and assorted classmates willing to experiment) I can assure him his uncle probably shared the experience in person with friends as I did.  But I guess to youngsters, if it’s not broadcast to the world of strangers it doesn’t count.  Sad.
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1 Response to First Lesson

  1. Unknown says:

    The broadcasting to a world of strangers is not necessarily a youngster\’s defect. There were always people that liked to be famous, or at least known. So don\’t be sad for the youngsters – they are no different than youngster 3000 years ago.

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