Vegas restaurants – Palazzo

Since I live in Las Vegas and enjoy exploring the city, I thought I’d use this space to keep track of my adventures.  I’ve already sampled several of the new restaurants at the Palazzo.  Dal Toro (a casual Italian place) got us in the door by promising to let us eat with Ferraris.  The cars are there, glassed-in and hard to see (impossible if you sit on the pleasant boulevard patio like we did).  But the food is good and not unreasonable priced considering the quality, especially for lunch.  The portions were ample but not outrageous, which was a nice change actually.
We also tried Dos Caminos, one in a chain of casual Mexican restaurants.  Don’t go for dinner if there’s a party in the front – the noise level was headache producing.  I’m not a big fan of Mexican food to begin with and this one had few vegetarian options for me.  Good but nothing special – lots of places with better food, lower prices and a more pleasant atmosphere.
Morels Steakhouse has the expected ambiance, plus a good strip view.  Disappointing, but we were there the first week so maybe it’s improved.  Contrary to most Vegas places, the staff wasn’t much help finding food I would eat – I got the distinct impression they thought I should go elsewhere.  I will next time.  The draw is fresh shellfish and meat, neither of which I eat.  My carnivorous companions seemed pleased but they’re easy.
I’ve enjoyed stopping for sorbet several times at Espressamente Illy, a carry-out cafe (with a few tables) conveniently located between the shopping and the casino.  Except the last time: A few days before I’d gotten a dish at a similar place located next door to Bellagio’s art gallery (while waiting for the rest of my museum-going party to catch up).  Illy’s version (similarly priced) was tasteless in comparison.  And the coffee’s nothing special.
We had a mixed Sunday "brunch" at SUSHISAMBA.  I put brunch in quotation marks because the deal has limited choices of dishes, all of which, to my mind, are strictly breakfast.  The deal is $22/person, pick 4 choices for the table.  They’re served one at a time (which we didn’t know when we ordered one to go with another) and vary GREATLY in quality.  The french toast is first rate and worth the full price – I expect I’ll return just to try that again, maybe with a side of eggs or maybe not since the eggs weren’t cooked too well (I sent one order back with instructions that poached shouldn’t be hard-boiled).  Comfortable place, nice staff, best coffee I’ve had in a long time.  The restaurant can’t seem to decide what it wants to be when it grows up; the "brunch" has nothing to do with either Japanese food or Brazilian, both of which were available a la carte on the menu and don’t, to my mind, have much in common.
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