Wynn LV

My favorite place to play the slots is Wynn.  The seats are comfortable, and if you don’t think that makes a difference you obviously don’t play much.  The atmosphere is classy and the service is good – drinks, anyone?  Even when management was fighting with the dealers, staff was uniformly helpful and friendly.  I was there once when several blackjack tables had unusually high minimum bets (and one player seated at each) and didn’t feel out of place or unwelcome looking for a $10 or $15 table (which I found).


The restaurants are good there too – except for the Zoozacrakers deli off the casino floor (no service and unexceptional food for the same price as the very pleasant Terrace Pointe Cafe).  Red 8 (Asian) is nice and Daniel Boulud is excellent if you don’t mind slow service (try to get a table with a view of the twice hourly pool show to pass the time).  They do have a pre-show deal, which got us fast service and the same great food.  I wasn’t as impressed by the SW Steakhouse, but that was a while ago and we couldn’t see the pool from where we were seated so the service felt painfully slow.  The buffet has good food, priced on the high side.  (More about buffets another time.)


The stores make for fine window shopping – I particularly enjoy looking at the luscious jewelry.  The only place I’ve actually made purchases is Wynn LVNV, which has an interesting, eclectic selection of items, including knick knacks for under $20.  Parking is easy to approach, and they’re one of only two casinos in town (the other being the Palms) where you can call ahead to have your car waiting at whichever entrance you prefer.  Not sure why we don’t go there more often.


We’ve seen Le Reve twice, taking advantage of 2fer locals deals.  I enjoyed it more when it first opened – the latest reworking seems more nightmare than dream and left me feeling depressed.  It doesn’t usually get billed as a Cirque show but it is, similar to O with water and diving but a smaller, more intimate theater that makes for better viewing.


For more information, here’s the link to their website (not nearly as friendly as the resort): http://www.wynnlasvegas.com/index.cfm#homepage/

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