Aliante Station, North Las Vegas

We tried out the latest Station Casino, Aliante in North Las Vegas.  The crowds that poured in for the opening weekend were noticeably absent – The place seemed empty and we had no trouble getting seats at our favorite new machines.  The management keeps comparing it to Red Rock but it reminded me of Green Valley (which is the only other Station casino co-owned by the Greenspun group) – nicer than some but not comparable to anything on the Strip.


Despite being brand-new, Aliante seems drab.  And the buffet is small, missing some of my favorite items (but with first-rate pizza).  Staff seems happy to be there – service is excellent.  And they played my music (oldies from the 60s, mostly), which would have been nice if the volume wasn’t so high.  (Would someone please point out to management that not all seniors are deaf?)  Besides the buffet, there’s a nice mix of restaurants, including TGI Friday and Original Pancake House, and good choices for the food court.

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  1. N says:

    I got lucky at the slot machines at Aliante, so my general impression is colored by that. I like this casino. The theaters are nice. The buffet is indeed small – just like the Green Valley one. I wouldn\’t call Aliante drab. It is just not the Station Casino\’s flagship. Definitely second tier but not bad at all.

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