bad times in Vegas?

We keep hearing from out-of-towners and reading in the national media how hard Vegas is being hit by the current downturn.  It doesn’t seem that way on the ground.  There are more bargains – everyone is offering deals for locals these days.  But the Strip seems just as crowded with excited tourists and traffic is as bad as usual.  It’s true no new projects have been announced but a new locals’ casino debuted recently, the volcano at the Mirage is scheduled to restart in a couple of weeks, and Wynn’s Encore will open next month.  If this is bad times, I can’t wait for the next up period!

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1 Response to bad times in Vegas?

  1. N says:

    All this is true if you are not one of the 7.5% unemployed in Las Vgeas. The unemployment rate in the valley is the highest it has been in 20 years. To a casual observer the good times are still there, but apparently all is not as good as it seems.

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