Vegas shows

THE best Cirque show in town is Ka, at MGM.  It’s more dance than circus and the staging is a modern marvel.  Mystere, the first show staged by Frank Dragone and company, is fun but unsophisticated in comparison.  O and Wynn’s Le Reve (which is not actually produced by the Cirque team) are similar in their use of water and spectacular dives but Le Reve has a smaller, round theater without a bad seat in the house so I enjoyed it a lot more.  Love (the Beatles show) plays successfully in a much larger round arena and will especially delight boomers who are familiar with all the songs and biographical references.


I missed seeing Celine Dion and might not get around to seeing Chris Angel, which I’ve heard will appeal more to Cirque fans than to the magician’s.  (Both those shows were staged by Dragone.)  And I’m passing on Zumanity (even though I know quite a few people who love it) since the adult content doesn’t appeal to me.


Speaking of that, the free carnival show at Rio (which regretfully I never caught) has been replaced by a simulated sex show with some song (ruined by lousy equipment or acoustics, I couldn’t tell which) and dance.  Not too bad, unless you’ve taken the kids and expect something different.  It looks like the boys in the show are the Chippendale Dancers (also playing at Rio) and except for more skin and the restriction of females to the audience they look much the same in both shows (and pose for pictures afterwards).


While I’m on the subject of changed shows, is there anyone except those responsible who think the Sirens of TI are an improvement over the British vs the Pirates?  And why doesn’t the ship sink anymore?  Hopefully the new owner will go back to the better entertainment.

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