Side trip to Disneyland

Vegas is often referred to as the adult Disneyland, so we decided to try the kiddie version.  It takes a little over four hours to drive there from town, during the week.  The road has lots of changes in altitude, so if you’ve a tendency toward motion sickness (like me) it’s good practice before hitting the park.


This was definitely the time of year to go – no waiting.  We had only one day of less than ideal weather (chilly and heavy rain) so on balance that was a fair tradeoff, I think.  During the week when school is in session you’ll find mostly families with young children – no unsupervised teenagers running around hogging the better rides.


I’d say this year’s promotion offering free admission on your birthday is a great success – At least every tenth person wore a button with their name and Happy Birthday, soliciting smiles and good wishes from more than half of the staff and quite a few other guests.  And of course the others in the party paid to get in so I doubt Disney is losing money on the deal.  As you’ve probably guessed, one in our party was celebrated.  Since we bought a multiday pass, a $69 gift card (two golf shirts, one mug, and a cookie) replaced the free admission.  If the management has any sense, they’ve amply rewarded whoever had the idea and plan to continue it indefinitely.

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  1. N says:

    I was surprised how much fun Disneyland can be for adults. There were quite a number of seniors there – all seemed to be enjoying themselves.Just to be loyal to Vegas: A couple of days, maybe up to three, should be enough for Disneyland, California and Downtown Disney (all on the same campus). You can have fun for at least a week at a time in Vegas. So come to Vegas and support our economy. It was seriously damaged by the President threatening "stimulus recipients" if they arrange conferences and meetings here.

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