Wynn’s Encore . . .

is aptly named – There’s no question it’s a continuation of the original, on a  more intimate scale.  Maybe Annex would have been better, since it doesn’t seem as classy.  The gaming area has a more comfortable feel and – at least on the weekday evening we were there – $10 (!) tables.  Crowds were noticeably absent and the staff didn’t appear happy to be there either.  The Cafe for dinner tries for upscale and only succeeds in being overpriced and feeling stuffy.  The young, inexperienced waitstaff were pleasant but self-absorbed – requests were taken with a smile and promptly forgotten.  We might have overlooked that since they had a “pre-theater” (5-10 p.m.) special the night we were there that was priced well, if the food had been good.  Both our appetizers (one tomato soup, one Caesar salad) had too much vinegar.  It was good quality but I expect (and like) lemon juice on the Caesar – and not so much pepper, please.  I had to specially request bread (several times) to counteract the seasoning; it arrived after the main course (good but not exceptional enough to outweigh the firsts) had been served.  The included dessert – a bag of donut holes with dipping sauces – was first-rate, as was the coffee.  All in all we weren’t unhappy but neither were we impressed.

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