on a couple of Vegas resorts . . .

I recently visited Bellagio, crowded with tourists but not mobbed. The latest conservatory installation is a lovely celebration of spring – I found myself eagerly snapping pictures like everyone else. I watched the water show from ground level for the first time – I still don’t get it. The music is nice but I guess it’s just not my thing. Also visited the salon, which is bright and cheery rather than the relaxing atmosphere I prefer.
And finally got around to visiting the M Resort in Henderson (south of the Strip). Too late for opening month incentives but still moderately busy. It’s a neighborhood casino with some of the classy appearance of Station’s Red Rock, ruined by old-fashioned, dark, busy carpeting. Table games are scattered, making it a bit difficult to locate what you’re looking for (at least the first time) but you can find $5 tables if you keep looking. Serve-yourself soft drink kiosks scattered around in addition to the usual circulating cocktail waitresses are a convenience no one else offers. There’s a great, reasonably priced buffet, draft beers and assorted wines included (a nice, unique touch). They have a good baker too – big variety of breads and marvelous desserts (including gelatos). Although the meat was overcooked the food is good enough and offers a broad enough selection of dishes to make us wish we lived closer (and glad we don’t since we’d be overeating there often). I’m eager to go back and do wish they’d built it in the far northwest area of Las Vegas where I live!

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