We finally took a look at City Center from the inside.

I’ve hated it since the project was first begun. Tall buildings, concrete plazas – All the big city blights with few of the benefits. We need this in Vegas? It blocks the view from the west! And there didn’t seem much to draw a local. More high-end shopping? We already had the best in the world. Scattered art work? That’s nice but I’ve been disappointed before by the limited displays in this town.

Then we had an out-of-town visitor (one of the perks of living here) who insisted we go places we hadn’t seen before. So we did CSI:The Experience (fun), saw the Titanic Exhibit (interesting), and stopped by City Center.

I’d heard City Center was difficult to get to, but the entry off the Strip was where we expected it to be and signs to valet parking were clear. From the moment we arrived at Aria, staff couldn’t have been more pleasant – Guess they’re all still on a high from getting employment. The building is airy and cheery. Despite all the high-end marketing, there were plenty of $10 tables and a good variety of slots. Plenty of dining options too but we chose the buffet since we wanted to eat early. It’s priced on the high side but included, for $10 extra, a whole lobster and unlimited wine. The food was good and the service, again, was stellar. A good time was had by all.

Granted my opinion was biased by winning at the casino and getting my buffet comped but hey that’s Vegas.

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  1. ashotfromthehip says:

    I thought that the Titanic exhibit was interesting but overpriced. The buffet at the Aria was very good and priced reasonably – just my 2c.

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