I don’t “like” Facebook!

I’m still waiting for Facebook to organize my feed in reverse chronological order. There doesn’t seem to be a system. I see a two day old comment from a friend, followed by a more recent posting from a company I “like”. Some updates never show up at all unless I go looking for them on someone else’s wall. Very frustrating, especially when combined with the crap – excuse me, the ads – along the right side of the page, which are frequently out of date. They target me well though, which is why I can tell you nine times out of ten the offers have expired. [Maybe Facebook has corrected this particular problem; I stopped clicking on them months ago.] Still, if I want to know what younger generation is up to, Facebook keeps me informed. I just have to work at it more than I’d “like”.

[Speaking of which, note to companies: I really don’t “like” you if you make me go public and grant you a million permissions just to enter your sweepstakes!]

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