smart appliances

I’m trying to win $5000 worth of new GE Appliances at They ask that I send a comment. One of the Official Blogging Topics – Tell us your best “If my appliance could talk” story – especially appealed to me since my GE Profile (Harmony) washer and dryer really DO talk, to each other and silently but still. When you finish a wash load and open the lid, the appliances confer and set the dryer automatically. It’s really cool, saves time, and amazes me even after six (or is it seven?) years.

So there I was thinking about all the things my washer or dryer could say about me – I’m too lazy to sort by color, I don’t like being told what to do so always change the suggested settings (even if I then change them back) – when I get a message loud and clear: HEY YOU, BLITHELY MUSING AT YOUR COMPUTER – YOU PUT A LOAD IN TO WASH THREE HOURS AGO THAT’S STILL WAITING TO GO INTO THE DRYER (and I did beep to tell you I was done)!

Now that’s a smart machine!

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