So I’m now on Pinterest. It took three days from the time I requested an invitation for them to email a sign up link. Did they investigate me? Are there people who don’t qualify? I expected the process to be immediate and when I didn’t get the link right away assumed I’d find their email caught in my spam folder.

But no matter. I signed up (as minklv, in case you’re interested). So now what? The site has very little information and no tutorial that I could find. They asked about my interests and subscribed me to all sorts of users – I was hoping to discover someone matching my combination exactly but it’s not that sophisticated. So I unsubscribed from most of the users who had, I assume, one interest in common with me.

I did link to Facebook, although I’m not sure that was intentional. Apparently that links my real name to the account and probably publicizes the information somewhere since I was found and subscribed to by people I actually know, most of who – like me – haven’t actually pinned anything yet and will probably be as surprised as I was that they now have followers who actually know them. In contrast, on twitter – where I’m very active (as mkvegas) the only person I follow that I really know is my husband!

After a few days I re-discovered the sweepstakes requiring I “pin” something that had initiated my interest in Pinterest to begin with. Luckily, that site had detailed instructions how to create a board, also what to name it and links to pin in order to enter (and hopefully be randomly selected to win a prize). So I created my first board! I’m still not sure how to pin other things (and can’t imagine why I’d want to). Maybe the friends who are following me there can tell me – the next time I see them in person.

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