more about buffets in Vegas

The new Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s has been well-publicized. It’s not the biggest nor the best, by a long shot. We tried it the first week, which (hopefully) was a mistake.

As promised, there was a selection of premade individual servings. A cup of Caesar’s salad was stupid since the fixings to make it fresh and exactly to taste were a few steps away. The small casserole of mac & cheese was the best I’ve had in town, including Simon’s at Palm Place (which is famous of their version). BUT the dish was hot and painful to take possession of, although not as burning as the metal cup holding fish (one tired piece) and chips (three, sagging). It all looks cute but doesn’t function.

The organization was a bit confusing as well. I missed whole sections, hidden around corners from where we sat. The dining room is pleasant and service was adequate, until we tried lingering over coffee under the anxious busboy’s eye.

* * * * * *

Two buffets in town have been vastly improved by new management.

The Bistro Buffet at Palms is fresher and tastier. I think celebrated Chef Kerry Simon had some influence, at least that’s the flavor I picked up.

Aliante, no longer a Station step-child, has vastly improved and increased the offerings at their buffet.

* * * * * *

My favorite is still Wynn’s buffet. The food is great, there’s a big selection (with lots of vegetarian and vegan choices) and – unique to the market – everything is clearly and accurately labelled (a big plus, if you ask me).

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